8" up to 24" Bead Trimmer Heads (BT3)

The Bead Trimmer 3 is designed to remove the fusion bead from the inside of HDPE pipe during installing, and can remove fusion beads in old existing systems too! Each Bead Trimmer 3 head is designed to IPS diameters from 3" up to 24" pipe. The Bead Trimmer 3 Head has an adjustable range to match SDR 7.3 up to SDR 32.5 with every called out pipe diameter. The heads are powered by a manual Tee-Handle Package system which has a reach up to 51-feet, and by adding more torque tubes, fusion beads as far as 500-feet in smaller pipe diameters can be removed. All the Bead Trimmer heads are interchangeable with our Handle Packages.

*** For SDR 7 pipe, check with an R&L representative for proper Bead Trimmer head Size***

For more information, see the Owner's Manual.

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