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“It’s all about Efficiency”

“It’s all about efficiency” that’s the slogan of R&L Manufacturing. Starting from a simple inquiry by a specification engineer to remove the internal fusion beads out of HDPE piping, R&L manufacturing was born. Incorporated in April 2000, with the design of the Bead Trimmer which proved as functional as their slogan, R&L stepped into the thermoplastic tooling manufacturing industry. Now after a decade of growth, R&L Manufacturing has released three lines of products; the Bead Trimmer, the External LD (large diameter) Bead Trimmer, and the Pneumatic Bead Trimmer. Looking ahead into the next decade, R&L manufacturing is set for continued growth along with the thermoplastic piping industries and more. With our slogan as our guide to product design and applications you won’t be let down. You can expect to see us stepping forward with new ideas and products to help serve the needs of the industry.

Why Remove the Internal Bead?

The first question everyone asks is how severe does the fusion beads affects flow reduction or pressure loss in HDPE pipe systems. The answer is, very little. One of many great attributes of HDPE pipe is its low friction factor. HDPE pipe is less impaired by flow reduction or pressure loss from the fusion beads than the turbulence in a comparable system made of PVC push joints.

So then the question "Why remove the beads at all?" arises. Well, using a material that has less flow reduction and pressure loss doesn't mean that there isn't impairment. It is this impairment that we are completely removing. Excluding the issue of flow reduction there are four additional reasons why bead removal is important: