3" up to 6" Bead Trimmer Heads (BT2)

The Bead Trimmer 2 system has an adjustable cutter that is designed to operate in a range of pipe sizes. The Bead Trimmer 2 head is powered by a manual Tee-handle system. It is most productive to remove the fusion bead during the cooling stage of the Fusion Process. The use of these tools is very simple and straight forward. It requires no additional tools for complete assembly, operation, and disassembly. The torque tube assembly can be made up in lengths to match the job at had, by adding more torque tubes. This system has been used to retrieve internal beads at a distance of over 250-feet.

***For SDR 7 pipe, check with an R&L representative for proper Bead Trimmer head size***

For more information, see the Owner's Manual.

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